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Implementing the new government languages strategy

A new course, coming soon! (You can access the stories for free by registering here.)

GrowStoryGrow, the story-telling site for literacy and languages, is launching a new primary language course involving 50 bite-sized stories in English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Japanese and Russian! It offers teachers a step-by-step series of lessons which they can quickly and easily incorporate into their every day teaching.

Story themes focus on personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) or Citizenship.

Literacy development includes sentence-building using high frequency words and this is what makes our stories so special.

As ever, the stories are whacky and fun and sure to be a hit with the kids.

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You can access the stories for free by registering here.

Launch will take place in summer 2014.


The stories are centred around four funky characters and their 'creatures':


Tom loves magic tricks and is particularly good at disappearing! He has a lizard called Zippy who 'Zips' around and is his side-kick when Tom performs his magic. They are both cheeky and always getting into trouble. He is very close to his granny.


Twig loves animals and trees. She is always reading and ignores Ali who adores her. Peggy is her flying horse and they love doing acrobatics together. Her brother is very ill and she visits him in hospital.


Ali is a loner and wants to play but everyone ignores him. He is lazy and overweight and has a bag which turns into a flying midge called 'Baggy'. Baggy helps Ali to clean his room, take his dog for a walk and pick up litter.


Becks (after David Beckham) is football mad and thinks of nothing else! She practises her football with Muddy, an octopus who is skilled in goals. Becks is a bit of a bully and spoilt.


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Tom and Zippy


Twig and Peggy


Ali and Baggy


Becks and Muddy