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Story of the month

 Every month we publish a free story. There are many ways you can find out about these stories:

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July story of the month

TheFrenchRevolutionThe French Revolution

This story is a fun rendition of the French Revolution.

June story of the month

plastic-bags Plastic bags

This is a story about the destruction plastic bags can do to our environment.

May story of the month

  SolarSystemThe solar system

 This is a dramatic story where the planets come to life in the form of the Gods they are named after.

Remembrance Day


1914"I have used the Remembrance Day Story yet again with 4 classes and it is brilliant in so many ways.   Merci beaucoup." Alison Middleton

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August story of the month


 Back to school

This little girl has so many different emotions about being back at school. She is nervous, excited, sad, happy... You can start off the year by using this lovely little story to explore how the children in your school are feeling, and why? You can access this story with all its free resources here.

The European Day of Languages - Are you ready?

Every year, to help you celebrate this important day, GrowStoryGrow opens up its site for two weeks allowing children all over the world to experience over a hundred enchanting stories, in 5 different languages, for free.

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Here is a poster you can download for your staffroom or classroom here.

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October story of the month

autumnTree seasons

Trees are great! And what better time than autumn to celebrate their beauty! This story teaches colours, weather, seasons and sentence-building, of course!

You can access this story with all its resources from the 1st of October to the 25th.

It is in English, French and Spanish.

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Our November story of the month is a fantastic story for Remembrance Day which you can use in Assembly and impress your colleagues! Watch this space!

December story of the month


The nativity

This beautiful story, simply told, will create a magic around the nativity. You can access this story using the following log in...

username: Christmas

password: stories


It will be available until the 30th of December.

Book Week

The Story Monster

This story is perfect for book week. It has all the ingredients for a good story: it is simple, repetitive, funny and underlines the love of books.

You can access it by logging in (top red button of the website) and entering:

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January story of the month

 thegreatwallofchinaThe great wall of China

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this fun and upbeat story! (It's actually very sad.)

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This will be available until the end of January. Our next story will be about St Valentine.

April story of the month

the-life-cycleThe life cycle

Celebrate the coming of spring with this fun story about the life cycle.

The Easter Story


  This story tells about the different stages of Easter.

  It is simple, poignant and sends out the true message of Easter.

  You can access it by logging directly to the story using the top right   hand button at the top of the website and entering:

username: Easter12

password: Easter12

February story of the month

Saint ValentineThe story of Saint Valentine

Have you ever wondered who Saint Valentine was? This poignant story takes us back to Roman times, the harshness of army life and the courage of one priest who fought for religious tolerance and a basic human right - the right to marry!

You can access this story by pressing on the top right hand red button on your screen and entering the following login:

username: saint

password: valentine