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  • Just right for learning
    Just right for learning

    Our resources are matched to the KS2 English Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. 

  • Engage, react and learn
    Engage, react and learn

    Watch your children giggle, sigh, cry, laugh out loud, think and learn.

  • Again and again
    Again and again

    You know the words that get used in speech again and again? We start with those… and then the story grows!

  • More than just good stories
    More than just good stories

    Alongside the stories you’ll find interactive games as well as all kinds of things to download and read, fill in, cut-out, colour in and do.

  • Ready Steady Grow!
    Ready Steady Grow!

    Our brand new 0-2yrs ipad app means your little one can grow up with a second language.

Welcome to GrowStoryGrow, an inspiring online place where children can learn a new language, enjoying the stories that will bring their learning to life.


Again and again

You know those words that get used again and again in speech?  The ones that you repeat to your toddlers in the first stages of learning to speak? Well, our stories are based around those words, using them again and again so they become rooted in the brain, quick to recall and easy to use. And then, as the store of words grows, the stories can grow too.


Meet the family

GrowStoryStory has been developed by Valerie Thornber. Using her skills as language-teacher and story-writer, not to mention her experience as a mum, she is constantly developing the magical and engaging stories that can inspire children to learn another language. Meet the rest of the family and find out how they all got involved in the project too.


Bilingual is good

Speaking two languages rather than one can give children a real boost, right from the start. As well as the obvious benefits of being able to communicate with more people, learning two languages could have a positive effect on the brain, improving all round cognitive skills. 


Grow up with the story

Whatever stage children are at, they will find stories here to excite, intrigue and inspire. All the stories have been designed with different levels, so you can pick the one that is just right for you.


Our first app

We’ve just launched GrowStoryGrow 1 : First Words, an iPad app designed especially for the 0 -2 year old age range. Parents can play and read with their little ones, exploring a new language and getting caught up in the entertaining stories.

Discover simple stories together. Inspire your child to learn a language you know and love or learn along with your child.

Children love us

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"I find a lot of the stories invaluable in supporting both the QCA scheme and the Catherine Cheater scheme. Y5 love the planet one!"

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Children love us

December story of the month


The nativity

This beautiful story, simply told, will create a magic around the nativity. You can access this story using the following log in...

username: Christmas

password: stories


It will be available until the 30th of December.



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